Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Melting Pot--Nashville

So pretty much one of the best places to be on the planet! This place is one of my all time favorite places to eat at and well, just go! The staff is so nice and accommodating to your every need, which is a double bonus! This 4-course meal takes about 2 hours to fully consume and I love that about it! It is such a great place to talk and get to know people in such a fun atmosphere. The Nashville Restaurant in particular takes you off the street and down, underground into a whole new, lovely area. The lighting is low, except at the tables.

The first course is cheese. The cheese comes with unlimited dippers including apples, veggies (carrots, celery, cauliflower), an assortment of bread chunks, and occasionally, chips.

The next course is a salad and boy do they have a great house salad! The salad is served with a garlic and wine seasoning that is optional to add to the salad, but I have fallen in love with!

The main course is meat and comes with an assorment (depending on what you order and when) of meats.

You pick the broth that you boil your food in and get to actually cook your own food! It is also served with unlimited veggies and at least 5 different dipping sauces! *A secret: mix the 'clover' sauces (3 different sauces served in a clover shaped dish) together to create Cur-plun-ki; it. is. amazing!* Green goddess is another specialty sauce that is sooooo good on mushrooms and potatoes.

The last course is dessert and it is great! You pick a chocolate or create your own. It is served with cheesecake, strawberries, bananas, rice crispies, and these amazing oreo or graham cracker covered marshmellows. mmMMmmm.

In addition to the awesome food, they have AWeSOmE grown-up drinks! Whether you want something refreshing like the sangria, or chocolately like their famous ying-yang drink..they are all (that I have tried) GREAT!
I give this place about a thousand thumbs up! And with all their specials through-out the year, every visit can be different if you want. Personally I LOVE experimenting and trying out whatever their newest thing is!

If you'd like to visit the website, click here.
I am even a club fondue member and get free chocolate on my birthday!

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