Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ciao Bella--Destin, FL

Craving authentic italian while in Florida?? Or maybe you are afraid to eat seafood because of the crazy oil spill? Well, this is the place to go!! This is a MUST when traveling to Destin for vacation.

The house white zinfandel is by far the best wine I have ever tasted. I could drink the entire carafe!
We like to start out with a caprese salad or bruschetta. (note: they are the same but the bruschetta comes on bread and is a chopped up caprese salad). We also love their infused olive oil and bread. Everything just bursts with flavor!!

The pizza is good (margarita pizza pictured above), but personally, I prefer the spinach tortellini (pictured below).

Actually, every time we go someone gets something different and we have not tried something that we do not like! Now, I have been to italy and the food over there is much different from the italian here in the US. Well, this is one of the few restaurants in the states I have been to that closely resembles authentic italian food. Still hungry after all that food? Or maybe you are full? TOO BAD! The canoli's are also a must! Sooooooo good!! I highly recommend this little place. Especially in the afternoon when you can sit outside under an umbrella.... Perfection!

((For location and directions, click this sentence))

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